AfricanAmericanFamilyThe Energy Equity Alliance (EEA) was formed to educate and speak on behalf of minority and low income stakeholders about the policy issues at the intersection of energy, environment and social justice. These stakeholder groups have historically been under represented in a number of energy policy conversations and there subsequent outcomes. Our objective is to focus in on the energy issues most critical to fulfilling our purpose of enriching our community.

Accordingly, we focus on these three areas:

  • Job opportunities in the energy industry that provide meaningful careers to minority and low income stakeholders;
  •  Energy assistance programs that address the neediest amongst us while seeking long-term, sustainable solutions;
  •  Ensure the development of energy policies that treat all consumers equally.

Our goal is to work with legislators, regulators and community leaders to thoughtfully develop policy solutions that ensure the most good is done and to avoid unintended, adverse consequences. EEA will do our part to help educate community stakeholders to help achieve positive outcomes.


The exciting aspect of looking into the energy field is its vast and real opportunities for our community. Opportunity that comes in the form of a better family environment, better job opportunities and a better quality of life – both now and in the future.

Energy and related environmental priorities are increasingly at the forefront of community concerns and therefore policymaking. And as America’s energy needs and policies are evolving in real time, we need to voice the opinions of all communities so that all have a say in them. As America quickly and boldly moves forward in this arena, its changes can have both positive and negative impacts. Smoothing that process to avoid furthering an “energy divide” requires active oversight that does not ignore a vision of a cleaner energy future.


After launching in 2014, we have been active mostly in educating communities about economic assistance for low income communities. Our website has an action page so people have an opportunity to add their voice to the national conversation.

We have worked to build support for STEM education, workforce development and affordable renewable technologies. EEA also advocates and encourages the adoption of various efficiency programs to assist vulnerable communities, fixed-income residents and people of color.

We are vocal proponents of renewable energy programs and are studying the economic impacts on our communities as customers and as part of the workforce for this growing field. A resource guide on solar for community leaders is now being developed.