The Energy Equity Alliance (EEA) supports clean energy and affordable and reliable energy for our country’s most vulnerable communities-working class families, low and fixed-income residents, and people of color. We urge public policymakers to consider how energy policies may disproportionately impact these consumers.

In an effort to increase state energy efficiency, public utility/service commissions and state legislatures across the country are reviewing policies that would increase the development and encourage the adoption of various renewable energy efficiency programs. However, due to the relatively high upfront costs and extensive maintenance costs necessary to participate in many of the renewable energy efficiency programs, low and moderately income households – whose energy bills are a major budget expenditure –are often unable to participate. Additionally, often times, public policymakers have found that non-participants of these programs, which tend to be working class families, low-income residents, and people of color, are subsidizing the participation of consumers who are wealthier.

Therefore, the undersigned encourage public policymakers to design renewable energy efficiency programs in which everyone can benefit.

We urge public policymakers to adopt policies that make participation in energy efficiency programs fair, affordable and equitable for ALL consumers.

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